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Posted by grillhou5e - May 1st, 2016

Hey everyone! Hows life? THATS GREAT!! Im sure that it will be 10x as better than it usually is now that i am announcing this piece of juicy news!

So check it out folks! ive expanded to a little place called tumblr and made a art gallery over there, BUT you might be asking "Grillhou5e you big pleb ya, what are ya playin at?" "you already have like two sites to put your shit on." (or 3 if you're including the nsfw stuff) BUT i might be saying "sure i'll re-upload some stuff that you guys might have seen before, but there WILL BE SOME STUFF YOU GUYS HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE ON THESE SITES, totally NEW and exclusive art in this part of town (meaning tumblr) So if you guys like my work and would like to support me by checking out this site ill go ahead and leave you guys a link and two others !

OH SH!TT BR0 check it! its G4T0R-Nate0R!? Whatcha gonna say about the new art gallery G4T0R?


Posted by grillhou5e - October 28th, 2015

alrighty folks you've heard of the beast of the east (meaning me of coarse) BUT have you heard of the best of the west?! Now introducing my evil twin..... Wolftang!! ok big reveal over with you guys can go for it and check out his tumblr page, now remember folks this dude is pretty much exactly like me in every way... kinda ...so dont worry about the difference in style its all the same :). Oh and xxx_sexiboistalin_xxx would like to say a few words other than that enjoy the nsfw art work folks!! link to the tumblr page here > http://woftangart.tumblr.com/




Posted by grillhou5e - October 23rd, 2015

 HELLO FOLKS! I would like to make an announcement for those who enjoy my 18+ adult xXx_no cheaky kidzz alowed_xXx art. But! The thing is i wont be doing it! "But grill whats the deal why is some other jabroni doing it?" Well ya see tha thing iz i got my reasons for not posting stuff such as adult art on sites where i post my not so adult art, in other words for now on im going to keep adult art and not so perverted art (if i can manage that) separate and while that is going on my evil twin who has the exact same art style as me (and acts quite like me) will be doing this art, its all good my fellow man. "Grillhou5e don't be a rude honky white devil give your evil twin an introduction"."I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that" well at least not just yet, you folks will get info and such on this website kind 4437052_144563357761_0doge.gifof thing and this hero sometime soon so there's something you folks can look forward too ..... alrighty then imma transform and get the fuck out ill see yall when i see yall xXx_luv u lotz_xXx - That beast of the east Grillhou5e 

Posted by grillhou5e - July 27th, 2015

100+ fans might seem like a small number to others but to me its great! thanks for watching, following, fanning( you get the idea) Folks! i do have a picture for this but this image uploader thing is being a dick so ill leave a link if you guys wanna see it! http://grillhou5e.deviantart.com/art/Thanks-newgrounds-folks-549402519?ga_submit_new=10%253A1438048915

Posted by grillhou5e - December 31st, 2012

hey everyone ,whats good!!
i would be the new animator/artist on the block but don't be expecting me to upload animations ...yet, because unfortunately i have not made any, but i will be posting art!!

grillhou5e signing out.....OH!! and i have a uuuu tube page but UNFORTUNATELY ..... there's no videos