18+ Art announcement

2015-10-23 17:40:26 by grillhou5e

 HELLO FOLKS! I would like to make an announcement for those who enjoy my 18+ adult xXx_no cheaky kidzz alowed_xXx art. But! The thing is i wont be doing it! "But grill whats the deal why is some other jabroni doing it?" Well ya see tha thing iz i got my reasons for not posting stuff such as adult art on sites where i post my not so adult art, in other words for now on im going to keep adult art and not so perverted art (if i can manage that) separate and while that is going on my evil twin who has the exact same art style as me (and acts quite like me) will be doing this art, its all good my fellow man. "Grillhou5e don't be a rude honky white devil give your evil twin an introduction"."I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that" well at least not just yet, you folks will get info and such on this website kind 4437052_144563357761_0doge.gifof thing and this hero sometime soon so there's something you folks can look forward too ..... alrighty then imma transform and get the fuck out ill see yall when i see yall xXx_luv u lotz_xXx - That beast of the east Grillhou5e 


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