Entry #5

Happy may day! (if that's even a thing) and art gallery announcement

2016-05-01 17:28:17 by grillhou5e

Hey everyone! Hows life? THATS GREAT!! Im sure that it will be 10x as better than it usually is now that i am announcing this piece of juicy news!

So check it out folks! ive expanded to a little place called tumblr and made a art gallery over there, BUT you might be asking "Grillhou5e you big pleb ya, what are ya playin at?" "you already have like two sites to put your shit on." (or 3 if you're including the nsfw stuff) BUT i might be saying "sure i'll re-upload some stuff that you guys might have seen before, but there WILL BE SOME STUFF YOU GUYS HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE ON THESE SITES, totally NEW and exclusive art in this part of town (meaning tumblr) So if you guys like my work and would like to support me by checking out this site ill go ahead and leave you guys a link and two others !

OH SH!TT BR0 check it! its G4T0R-Nate0R!? Whatcha gonna say about the new art gallery G4T0R?



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2016-05-01 17:39:00

Go to yer account settings and add the links to contact info/websites, so's it shows up on the left side of your blog page... your nsfw stuff's really good!

grillhou5e responds:

Oh im already aware on how to do that. In fact you just reminded me to add the new link, Thanks for that haha. And im glad your enjoying the nsfw stuff :)