18+ art page is now up

2015-10-28 23:46:38 by grillhou5e

alrighty folks you've heard of the beast of the east (meaning me of coarse) BUT have you heard of the best of the west?! Now introducing my evil twin..... Wolftang!! ok big reveal over with you guys can go for it and check out his tumblr page, now remember folks this dude is pretty much exactly like me in every way... kinda ...so dont worry about the difference in style its all the same :). Oh and xxx_sexiboistalin_xxx would like to say a few words other than that enjoy the nsfw art work folks!! link to the tumblr page here > http://woftangart.tumblr.com/





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2015-12-02 07:11:36

Nice job look forward to seeing your nsfw stuff.


2016-04-08 13:15:27

Ah NSFW, that sounds interesti-

*sees rigby-cest and frisk cock*


grillhou5e responds:

I know i know, just take deep breaths m8 you'll manage.